About iQeQ Vidyapeeth

Another Coaching Institute amongst so many already existing ones??? Born out of CORE BELIEFS that EQ-Emotional Quotient is as important as IQ-Intelligence Quotient for SUCCESS.

Hence the name iQeQ. Growing Intellect & Managing Emotions.

For this we shall use the time tested Indian tradition of Guru-Shishya parampara of personal attention to each child & personal responsibility for each child. We shall begin each of our classes with 5 minutes of BHRAMARI PRANAYAM, known for its power to enhance memory, concentration & emotional stability.

So the name iQeQ Vidyapeeth. Growing Intellect & Managing Emotions through methods rooted in Indian Culture.

Further out of our personal experiences while availing services of the big names in the Coaching Industry for our children, we found glaring gaps between the promises & actual delivery. These gaps are very simple, easy observations; nothing novel discovered by us. These are existing throughout the industry just because of lack of commitment & such coaching institutes being BIG BRANDS are not hurt financially because of these lacunae, as their PROMISES are easily TRUSTED by Students/Parents. Once admitted they bear with them. The simplest example is Assignments are given to Students, but unfortunately they are not insisted to complete & submit for EVALUATION, basically they do not have any Intention to Evaluate. Without regular completion of assignments by Students & Evaluation by Teachers, we can not surmise any better way for better understanding, better learning & conceptual clarity.

We are totally COMMITTED to Regular Evaluation of Assignments & Personal Feedback to each Student. iQeQ Vidyapeeth has come into existence out of certain CORE BELIEFS of our Faculty & Management & due to unsatisfactory experiences with big names of the Coaching Industry.

  • Our Vision is to be a Coaching Institute with a DIFFERENCE.
  • We shall be able to make a DIFFERENCE to each students’ CAREER.
  • We shall be the BEST COACHING INSTITUTE for the STUDENTS who join US

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Hearty Welcome To The iQeQ Vidyapeeth. Thanks for sparing your valuable time to visit our website.

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