SSS(SEVEN STEPS TO SUCCESS): Unique Learning Methodology

Based on the Detailed Market Research done by our Marketing Team & Faculty, we have observed few glaring gaps in the coaching methodology being practiced currently. We have made an attempt to improvise upon them & put in our best analytical brains in our team to develop a holistic methodology of learning leading to sucess in exam. Our team believes that our holistic methodology of learning, which we will discuss in detail in the following slides, would coach our students towards an overall balanced life. iQeQ Vidyapeeth Engineering.Medical.Foundation Seven Steps to Success We also have a strong belief that emotional intelligence is as important as mental intelligence eg ability to handle failures & disappointments in personal/professional life , which are bound to be there sometime or other in everyone’s life, is critical to an overall sucessfull life. Therefore, our team has decided to include some inputs to nurture emotional intelligence in all our coaching programs iQeQ Vidyapeeth Engineering.Medical.Foundation Seven Steps to Success Now we shall discuss what we would do within the framework of holistic methodology of learning. After detailed analysis of the needs of the students, our team have identified critical.
Seven Steps To Success
iQeQ Vidyapeeth Engineering.Medical.Foundation Seven Steps To Success is based on our simple understanding of how we learn anything. Learning Methodology: Read, Understand, Practice, Revise, Test, Test Analysis, Revise and Explain to the Class.

SSS: Step 1
Step 1:

Assignments on the Topics covered
Students to submit the completed Assignments
Evaluated Assignments to be returned to students
Assignments to be discussed in class

SSS: Step 2
Step 2:

Fortnightly Sectional Tests
Quarterly All Topics Tests
Exam Sample Paper Test Series after the completion of Course
Class Analysis of each Tests

SSS: Step 3
Step 3:

Assignments & Tests would consist of
1) Memory based questions - testing hard work & memory.
2) Comprehension based questions - testing understanding.
3) Application based questions – testing practice &intelligence.
Based on this, the students’ weakness & strength can be identified & corrective steps can be taken.

SSS: Step 4
Step 4:

Video Library of Class Lectures - A critical resource to strengthen conceptual understanding to recoup the loss due to any missed classes & revision in general.
24*7 Academic Support on WhatsApp

SSS: Step 5
Step 5:

Performance Tracker Mobile App
Quarterly Parent Teacher Meeting

SSS: Step 6
Step 6:

Life Skills.
Emotional Intelligence.
Meditation – 5 minutes of “BHRAMARI PRANAYAM” before beginning the class
Brain Mapping & Career Counseling

SSS: Step 7
Step 7:

Inspirational Interactions with Successful:
Engineers - Mr Rakesh Mohan/Mr Prem Ranjan
Bankers - Mr Rajeev Kumar
IAS - Mr Manoj Pingua
Lawyers - Mr Sanjiv Tiwari
Journalist - Mr Manish Prasad

Civil Servants - Mr Sanjay Kumar/Mr Samir Kashyap
Businesspersons - Mr Rajeev Kabra/ MrSanjay Mawar
Corporate Executives - Mr Amitabh Lal Das /Mr Shashank Shekhar/Mr Arvind Francis/ Mr Pritish Shah

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